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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Now You Can Donate Online

The financial section of our mission team's website is finally set up so that friends, family, and other visitors can donate to our team online using PayPal (to learn more about PayPal, visit their website here). It is possible to make one-time donations (to help us to get TO the Czech Republic) and monthly donations (to help us to live and work IN the Czech Republic). Once set up, monthly donations are automatically charged to your credit or bank card each month, which saves a lot of hassle on both ends.

Please take a look at our financial support pages and consider helping us to share and live out the good news of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Czech Republic. The sooner you can give/pledge, the better. We will be applying for assistance from the Bell Trust Fund (an endowment that helps missionaries to get their work off the ground) in mid-May, and we need to solidify our monthly numbers so that we will qualify for one-time (or monthly but diminishing) assistance from the Bell Trust.

Thanks so much for your interest in our team and the Czech people! Thank you for reading, for your prayers, and for your support!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Fundraising Trail

Our mission team is (still) in the midst of fundraising, and things are getting more hectic as we’re getting down to the wire. Please keep us in your prayers. We trust that in seeking we will find and that God will provide what we need.

Currently we’re working to make it possible for visiters to our website to donate online via PayPal. When that is up and running it will be possible both to make one-time donations and to set up monthly payments. Very snazzy, I must say. I’ll let you know when that is available. Until then, please be considering whether you could give to this Kingdom work. Perhaps you could be a participant in God’s provide-ence for us.

This weekend some of us will be going to Little Rock, AR, where Pleasant Valley Church of Christ (my overseeing congregation) will be hosting a regional workshop for churches involved or interested in getting involved in supporting missionaries. It will be a time of encouragement, training, and worship facilitated by Missions Resource Network.

I’ll try to give you a team update again soon. Thanks you so much for your love, support, and prayers!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Learning is Fun!

I just came across a pretty cool resource on CNN.com that I thought I'd share: their archive of learning activities for use by school teachers. The archive includes many topics which would beneficial for discussion not just in schools but also in our churches. Examples include Examining Consumerism and Analyzing and Forming Opinions About the War in Iraq (which also utilizes this transcript). These could easily be adapted to facilitate discussion in a church setting, for just about any age group.